Sunday, April 29, 2007

I know, I've been M.I.A.

So, my internet service hasn't been working properly for that last few weeks making it very difficult for me to update my sites. Things are back on track now! Thank goodness!
Here are some updates:
I've got some new pocket mirrors up in my etsy shop and will be adding more over the week.

I'm going to have a booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in June. For more info on the fair and all of it's fabulousness, click here. I will have new goods for the fair including new Llama Pirate tees and totes and cute little notepads. They'll be available in my online shops after the fair for all who cannot attend in person.
Thanks for stopping by!


Blogger Lisa said...

I found you through Etsy and I think that your artwork is so beautiful and sweet.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous morninglori said...

Jamie dear, I am officially tagging you. Take a peek at my most recent blog post for the details.


6:01 PM  

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