Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holiday Shows and Modern Monster

I have no work-related updates for this past week. I was sick and did a ton of sleeping and tv watching, but not much art-making. This weekend I started to get back in to the swing of things by completing some new plush (pictures coming soon) and starting new pieces.

HOLIDAY SHOWS - I will be participating in two indie holiday fairs coming up. Holiday Heap in Balitmore, MD on Saturday, November 15th and Bazaar Bizarre in Boston, MA on Sunday, December 7th. Visit links on the right for more info.

I was selected to be part of "Modern Monster 2008" which can be viewed at It's a monster themed group show and will be online through the end of October, I forgot to mention it earlier this month... my bad.

More updates soon, next time with pictures!


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