Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've been tagged

Hey cuties!
I've added some new pocket mirrors to my etsy shop! My Purple Dress, The Watching, and Goat Rider are now available in small 2.25 inch hand pressed pucker checkers for your to enjoy!
My pal Lori has tagged me. I am supposed to tell you seven little known facts about myself and then tag seven people. So, here are some facts:
1) I probably have enough silly socks that I can wear a new pair every day for a year without having to do sock laundry.
2) I might be single-handedly keeping the Pepsi people making Wild Cherry Pepsi with the amount I consume on daily basis.
3) I don't drink coffee. Ever. And don't plan on starting. It's my "ew" beverage.
4) I like woodland animals best! Not jungle animals, or ocean animals... but woodland animals. Deer and chipmunks and rabbits and anything you'd find frolicking amongst some trees.
5) I hate miniature golf. I find it boring. And I'm just way too much of a powerhouse to hit a ball 2 inches into a hole. I'm the girl that hits it really close to the hole (or past the hole)... and then take 4 or 5 more putts to get it in there.
6) I watch a lot of "educational" tv. If the tv is on, it's probably on the discovery or history channel. I don't watch sitcoms or serial dramas. But I love Modern Marvels, teach me about taffy.
7) I, like Lori, am fascinated by taxidermy. But I wonder how it evolved to "Yes, this baboon, I'd like him mounted in a bowtie and vest holding a silver platter for my foyer so my guests can leave their keys there."
Everyone knows me a little better now.