Sunday, October 28, 2012

Owl Lover 2013 Calendar!

The Owl Lover 2013 Calendar is online and ready to be downloaded!  This is a free customizable calendar that you print yourself at home.  Over 40 artists have contributed owl artwork to the project and Shivani (the creator and organizer) works very hard to put it together, so please check it out!  

This is my contribution, "Frankie" is a little frankenstein's monster owl, perfect for Halloween time!

We are preparing for Frankenstorm here in the Northeast, so I may be hard to get ahold of over the next few days as I anticipate losing power.  Stay safe y'all!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mike Ion at Trumbull Studios!

I had the pleasure of attending Mike Ion's "Goodbye Hello" pop-up show at Trumbull Studios in Brooklyn last Friday.  An impressive collection of street art photography was displayed and had me in awe.  This was Mike Ion's farewell to NYC exhibit as he readies himself for the big move to the Bay Area.  He will be missed!  Check out more pics here.

This was my favorite piece in the exhibit.  Dude's got mad skills yo.
See more awesome Mike Ion photography on his flickr page.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some art exhibit I've seen lately...

Hello!  I've been super busy working on new art and prepping for my installation at Brooklyn Collective.  You will be able to see my work there starting November 1st through the end of January.  I'll share some pics next week.

In addition to all the working, I've spent quite a bit of time taking in some art exhibits.  Some pics below, plus links to more :)

Jeff Soto at Jonathan Levine Gallery, more here.

Brandi Milne at Cotton Candy Machine, more pics here.

Camilla D'Errico at Cotton Candy Machine, more here.

Amanda Louise Spayd at My Plastic Hear, see more here.

Audrey Kawasaki at Jonathan Levine Gallery, more here.

Bethany Marchman at Bold Hype Gallery, more here.

Beth Cavaner Stitcher at Claire Oliver Gallery, see more here.

I have been a little out of touch with what's happening in the art world and had an awesome time viewing all these exhibits.  Hoping to see some more soon :)