Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Time!

I've finally put up my Christmas tree! This makes me jolly :o) I though I would share some of the new ornaments I bought this year from fellow etsians. The above little bugger was made for me by Lori of morninglori.etsy.com. It's a chimian of my very own and I love it! Thanks Lori :)

This "Zombie Plague" ornament and "Kinda Creepy Santa" are from TinaSeamonster! They bring some funny to my tree! You can visit her shop here!
This stubby bunny is from willowcatstudio.etsy.com. I bought a few of these, so if you are a close friend of mine expect to see one of these on top of your present!

These felt monsters were actually purchased last year from Craftland in Rhode Island. But Vozamer has an etsy store here or you can visit fishcakes.net for a bigger selection of super-duper items!

In other news, here are a bunch of drawings I'm going to be dropping off at the scanner tomorrow! I should have prints available at the start of the new year! And I've got a bunch more in the works. 2008 looks mighty busy!



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